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The most important feature that differentiates the ASCEND system from other green wall systems is its ease of maintenance due to its modularity: 

1) The plant containers are only 16" wide and 9" high (totaling 1 square foot)

2) They are easily inserted and removed from the irrigation holder frame for replacement, modification, or even pruning.

3) The driplines (off the shelf U.S. products) are 100% independent of the plant containers, so any removal does not disturb the irrigation system

4) The driplines are not inserted into any soil or medium, so they never have clogging issues, which could prevent the plants from accessing water.

5) Trickle-down systems can promote the spread of pests and disease and result in waterlogged bottom-level plants. Our system does not irrigate each container via trickle-down systems, but via a dripline in every single row, every 9 inches.

Most clients do not like having the maintenance crew working on-site many hours while they have customers at their location. This system helps keep on-site maintenance to a minimum. Separate plant containers can be planted off-site and quickly interchanged at the sites location with any containers that appear to need replacement, modification, or trimming by simply sliding out and interchanging it into the frames.

Most competitors either have the dripline intertwined into the soil of the structure or do not have smaller modular components that can be removed without disturbing the irrigation system. This means long maintenance times on-site when replanting plants into the wall.